Always Catching Up, Never Getting Ahead

Finally got another ministry newsletter done and in the mail (snail mail and email)! Only a month later than desired.  *sigh* But it was a larger production than usual – including a response form and a new prayer card (yay!). The newsletter and prayer card have been uploaded into the newsletter section. (Please email Ray for the password to the newsletter section.)

I blink and another week goes by. I turn around and it’s already another month. And I’m overdue for another blog post.  JieJie and MeiMei are growing up so fast! We spent late this afternoon into the early evening clothes shopping for JieJie, she’s outgrowing what she’s got so soon. The other week MeiMei was complaining that her legs and feet hurt (uh, oh! Growth spurt!) and she’s grown another inch since we last measured her height.

MeiMei-fortMeiMei has been enjoying making blanket forts in her bedroom or even across a large portion of the living room (making passage difficult!). She even wanted me to crawl around inside with her (at the risk of having everything come down on top of me!).


MeiMei has such fun with words, instead of “catnap” she’ll joke with “doggy snooze”. (It helps that she plays with words with JieJie all the time.) But somehow, she’s still hasn’t figured out rhyming. Judy pointed to her eye and says that it sounds like “pie”. MeiMei responds, “glasses!”  Or, pointing to her hand, Judy says that it sounds like “band”, and she’ll respond, “fingers!”.   arg.

JieJie-bandsMeanwhile, JieJie is greatly into drawing, Legos, and Rainbow Loom bands crafting. She built her own Lego Friends shopping mall (a later iteration even included a restroom!). She just combined her Lego Friends and loom bands by making ‘roller coaster’ wrist bands where she can sit her Lego Friend characters in her wrist bands and pretend that they are riding on a roller coaster. She’s even made ‘skirts’ and accessories for her Lego Friends using the loom bands.

LegoFriendMall LegoFriendRollerCoaster



Of course, MeiMei has to get in on the Lego act. Now having her own Legos, she’s imitating JieJie by building her own Lego towns all over the floor.

With the amount of Lego pieces that get left around the floor, I’m amazed that they can remember who’s Lego is who’s.

I’m glad I wear house slippers.

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