Auditorium Construction

Here’s a quick photo history of how the remodeling the former museum building is coming along to be our new auditorium. This is just the main room, while the lobby, side rooms, and restrooms are also undergoing major remodeling. The vast bulk of the work is being done by our volunteers and facilities crew. Since I’m the A/V manager, I’m not doing any of the actual construction work. I am coordinating the design recommendations with the sound and lighting consultants, the design of the sound booth, and deciding what gear we’ll be installing (audio, video – both projection and video conferencing, lights).

First, removing a room…


and clearing the main floor.


Next, the start of constructing the sound booth…


B1-BoothWallsand the view of the room from the booth. HVAC closets in the corners, and electrical conduit being placed in the walls.


HVAC ductwork going in (view from up high!).


Our volunteer carpenters do such great, and quick, work, that they were starting to run out of work to do. So the Associate Center Director told them to construct a lectern.  Next thing we know – surprise! There it is. Hmm… that looks suspiciously similar to the lectern I had them build for the meeting room in our other building. They must have pulled out the original overall specs that I gave them, and built “version 2.0”. It’s a little shorter than the first one – to accommodate us shorter folk compared to the 6 foot tall carpenter!


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